Anonymous helps philanthropists create proactive and strategic ways to amplify their giving and achieve maximum impact. We serve individuals, private foundations, and companies by acting as an extension of them, to help achieve their philanthropic goals.


In the business world, profit is the measure of success. In sports, success is measured on the scoreboard. But in philanthropy, we believe impact – not the amount of money given – is the true way to measure success. Our goal is to multiply the good people can do and make their funding go further.

Our proactive method breaks the traditional mold. We believe that funders belong at the center of the giving process – rather than merely judging the best written proposals. Anonymous helps donors achieve their goals by connecting them with organizations that are most capable of executing and achieving more impact than they thought possible.


Philanthropy is unique to everyone, and the most important thing is that it brings happiness to their lives. We help identify passions, define style, articulate legacy goals, and envision success.







Anonymous is more than a name.
We shine the spotlight on our clients – never at ourselves.

We set clear expectations. And go beyond them.

We are contagiously positive.
Even negative situations provide an opportunity to create a positive solution.

We are informed and we share information.
No surprises. No secrets.

We are prepared with solutions for things that go wrong and ways to maximize opportunities that go right.
We anticipate, anticipate, anticipate.

We work hard.
We break new ground. We challenge ourselves.
We never grow complacent.

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