Noah McMahon has spent his life preparing for exactly what he’s doing now: Bringing people together to make the world a better place.


Noah’s greatest asset is his global network of friends.


He makes few distinctions between friends and business colleagues since the people really worth working with are those you ultimately call friends.


Forging connections based on trust and shared values in order to create, improve, help, collaborate and innovate is Noah’s passion and life’s work.


He started out by networking White House-style. More than 20 years ago, while attending Chapman University in Orange County, California, Noah had the opportunity to work on a project with former President Richard Nixon. That work led to a job at his Presidential library in nearby Yorba Linda that provided Noah with invaluable training, mountaintop experiences and countless new relationships.


As a teenager, Noah dreamed of meeting a President of the United States. He never imagined meeting six. Playing an integral role in President Nixon’s memorial service in April 1994, Noah worked closely with the officiant, Billy Graham, and personally briefed five Presidents – Ford, Carter, Reagan, Bush, and Clinton – and their first ladies about details of the service.


Inspired by these experiences, buoyed by long-lasting relationships, and committed to making his own mark on the world, Noah had soon launched his own company (and broadened his pallet by traveling to five continents as an eagle-eyed secret shopper). In the process Noah experienced the world’s vast diversity, gleaned key insights about what could make great organizations into legendary ones, and, most important, began to build his global network of friendship, mutual trust, and common cause.



Noah is the founder and CEO of Anonymous LLC, providing strategic advice and introductions to philanthropists, celebrities and organizations. Noah and his colleagues have brought people together in many ways, advised foundations with billions in assets, produced over 1,000 events and generated hundreds of millions of dollars to help people in need around the world.


He brought Bob Hope, famous musicians, over 40 astronauts, celebrities, sports superstars and even the pardoned White House Thanksgiving turkey to Disneyland’s various theme parks.


Noah helped during the genesis of the historic X Prize and launched the Zero Gravity Corporation, giving the legendary Steven Hawking a precious taste of the freedom of weightlessness and securing over a billion media impressions and a monumental NASA contract.


He has paired the Dalai Lama, Tony Hawk, Tiger Woods, Magic Johnson, Miley Cyrus, Richard Branson, Lady Gaga, Emeril Lagasse and numerous professional athletes with large non-profits such as Goodwill, Festival of Children Foundation, Easter Seals and the Starkey Hearing Foundation.


His love of food and wine led him to be a partner in Rossoblu restaurant in LA and The Setting Wines winery. And he has cooked at the James Beard House in New York. He is also a partner in Winspire which helps non-profit organizations raise money and invests in real estate such as a ranch in Montana that hosts disabled veterans and teaches them how to fly fish.


Noah married Debbie, a pediatric nurse, in 2000, has two incredible daughters, dislikes the spotlight and prefers to remain… anonymous!